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Our Approach

Our Approach

InSyncDx SolutionsSM is a leading provider of innovative diagnostic (Dx) optimization and integration solutions that align with healthcare delivery systems to decrease non–value-added variation and engage providers with the rapid implementation of new diagnostic and treatment pathways based on local clinical guidelines, not a decision support system, and through the creation of community diagnostic integration programs.

Non–value-added variation contributes to inefficiencies in care delivery. These inefficiencies negatively impact financial and clinical outcomes. As healthcare reform and value-based care initiatives continue to be implemented, hospitals have to rethink how they use their clinical laboratory to improve the consumer experience, reduce expenses, and improve health outcomes.

InSyncDX Approach


DiscoverDx is the first step in a process that InSyncDx has developed to help senior leadership at hospitals and health systems identify non–value-added care variation. Such variation negatively affects financial and clinical outcomes. Eliminating non–value-added variation can improve the organization’s financial performance and dramatically affect the patient experience.

DiscoverDx uses 12 months of system data for analysis. The analysis can be done within the organization’s firewall, or the data can be deidentified and encrypted and sent via HIPPA-compliant protocols to the InSyncDx server. In either case, the InSyncDx team facilitates the analysis and submits to leadership a rank-ordered list of opportunities. Each opportunity is linked to potential financial and clinical outcomes anticipated with the successful implementation of the process change. These metrics help leadership track progress toward the organization’s financial and clinical outcome goals.

At a time of transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement models, eliminating non–value-added variation is central to improving outcomes. DiscoverDx helps leadership identify opportunities and track the progress toward achieving organizational goals.


EngageDx is an essential next step in addressing the non–value-added care variation identified as part of the DiscoverDx analysis.

The need to change how we deliver healthcare and reduce non–value-added care variation is well-recognized. But change in healthcare has historically been slow and challenging to accomplish.

As a data-enabled collaborative organizational learning system, EngageDx represents a critical element in achieving the desired outcomes. Our EngageDx processes produce detailed critical assessments and discussions, allowing health system thought leaders to collaborate and deal with complex problems, leading to critical data-driven decisions and local solutions.

EngageDx processes are led by expert medical moderators and designed to enhance and facilitate group engagement and collaboration. These approaches generate results in a shorter period without significantly distracting the healthcare team from other priorities. Similar outcomes would be difficult to produce in traditional face-to-face group meetings.

These approaches collectively help reduce the obstacles to realizing organizational goals related to improved patient outcomes, improved provider-patient experiences, and reduced overall costs.


FuseDx is the catalyst to implement DiscoverDx and EngageDx decisions on behalf of the hospital, allowing the organization to become more agile and productive.

Integrating providers’ new local clinical pathways into the hospital’s laboratory information systems is completed by experienced information technology InSyncDx staff. Because hospital IT departments already have so much on their plate, they may not have enough time or bandwidth to get everything done. The FuseDx process alleviates competing priorities and ensures that new reflex or cascading tests build quickly to capture immediately improved patient and financial outcomes.

Collaboration has to extend beyond healthcare providers, out into the community. In conjunction with the hospital care coordination team, community diagnostic integration programs are essential functions to shorten lengths of stay and reduce readmissions.

InSyncDx is an industry leader in helping hospitals understand the benefits of a diagnostic integration program and walking them through the steps to execute a successful program locally. We guide hospitals through the process of setting up the pre- and post-analytical infrastructure needed to serve inpatients and ambulatory care patients and tracking the program’s progress.