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Our Solutions

Diagnostic Optimization

Diagnostic optimization is a process by which hospitals and health systems can use the laboratory supporting acute-care needs to harmonize clinical laboratory test results across the care continuum. This optimization makes it easier for providers to interpret test results and opens up new revenue streams for the hospital.

Data-Driven Innovation

Our data-driven innovation approach uses a hospital or health system’s own data to identify opportunities to improve financial and clinical outcomes. The data comes from the information systems that support the hospital or health system, including the laboratory information system, billing system, and electronic medical record system. The data illuminates the path to successful innovation.

Local Diagnostic Processes

Variation in the diagnostic process leads to unintended negative downstream consequences in both financial and clinical outcomes. Our data-driven discovery process identifies the opportunities that help providers focus on new ways of using the clinical laboratory. The output of the provider engagement is locally validated diagnostic pathways linked to outcomes metrics that senior leadership can track to maximize the probability that the effort will achieve the desired outcomes.

Provider Engagement

Our solution to enable provider engagement recognizes that time is the providers’ most valuable resource. We have developed a tool to help providers give their valuable input when and where they can conveniently do so. The local data used in the process is more meaningful to providers than national averages, and its use ensures provider engagement in decision making.

Value-Based Care

Our approach can benefit hospitals and health systems, whether they are living in a fee-for-service or value-based reimbursement environment. We work with hospital administrators to help them optimize their organization’s financial and clinical outcomes, no matter what their timeline is for transitioning to more value-based reimbursement models.

Revenue Generation

The process we’ve developed highlights for senior leadership ways in which the sunk costs of their clinical laboratories can be used to generate new revenue. InSyncDx services support hospitals in successfully implementing the plan needed to generate that new revenue.